Week Two – Completed

Daily Creates:

1. Ode to Monday

2. TDC1234

3. TDC1236

4. TDC1237


1. DesignAssignments1317

2. DesignAssignments64

3. DesignAssignments358

4. DesignAssignments1657

5. DesignAssignments1695


1. AnimatedGIFAssignment1254

2. AnimatedGIFAssignment1436

Design Blitz

The Vignelli Canon


This week, I think I improved on the “story behind the story” part of my assignments.  My favorite assignments this week were making the GIFs.  I got to watch Youtube videos and determine which part was best suited to created a GIF.  It was a lot of fun!  The hardest assignment I did this week was reading the Vignelli book.  It was longer than I thought so I had to break it up into sections and give myself some breaks before I finished it.  I learned a lot from Vignelli’s book; from design to balance to discipline.

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