Week Three – Completed

Week Two Reflection:

This week we used audio as a form of storytelling and I didn’t I would, but I really enjoyed this week.  I played around with Audacity, which I’ve heard of but never used before, and really like it.  It can do so many things that I haven’t even begun to explore yet.  I think I did well completing this week’s assignments.  I took Professor Polack’s advice and used Audacity to fix the background noise problem I had.  It made the audio sound so much better.

I had some trouble with SoundCloud this week.  When trying to upload my recordings from SoundCloud to Audacity, Audacity said my recordings weren’t the right file type.  I searched around SoundCloud to find out how I could download my recordings when I came around the Permissions tab in the Edit option.  I realized, I had to give SoundCloud permission for others to download my recording.  From there, everything went smoothly when uploading the file to Audacity.  Luckily, the process didn’t take long.

I learned a lot this week from Ira Glass.  I enjoyed watching his YouTube video on storytelling so I decided to watched them all.  I didn’t think there were so many aspects into having a good audio story.

If I had to do something differently, I would do a one or two more audio assignments.  I really enjoyed this topic.  Before creating this weekly summary, I went back and re-read my blogs posts from this week.  I changed a few things before embedding them into this post.  For example, I added more of my thoughts to the Audio Storytelling Assignment and fixed the background noise in the Princess Diaries Remixed Assignment.  Professor Polack suggested I fix it for the Text Impressions Assignment and I thought it would be best if I did it for the Princess Diaries one too.

I only have one question this week, is there an audio bank the public can use for their own personal use?  I know Windows Movie Maker has one but some of the songs on there are only 45 seconds to 1 minute long.

I don’t think there are any larger issues surrounding my work.  Although, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are using movies and songs in their work from the 2000s.  It’s almost like movies and songs no a days aren’t the same quality as it use to be back in the day.

Daily Creates:

1. TDC1242

2. TDC1243

3. TDC1244

4. TDC1245

Audio Assignments:

1. AudioAssignments779 (2 stars) – I used this assignment as a tutorial

2. AudioAssignments1539 (3 stars)

Audio Storytelling

How I got Into College

Comment Summaries:

Most of this weeks comments were from Professor Polack giving me suggestions on how to improve my assignments – which was very helpful.  Kate Robertson commented on my daily create with the brides throwing cats.  She, too, hadn’t heard of the trend but we are both informed now.

From other’s blogs, I learned that we had similar ideas when creating the same daily creates.  We shared the same struggles but succeeded in the end.

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