Week One – Completed

When I started setting up my blog, I ran into a little bit of trouble.  I hadn’t realized that I created a website last year and completely forgot about it!  I called the digital knowledge center for help and they got everything squared away for me.  I already had a twitter and google account which made that part easy.  Although, I had never used soundcloud or flickr.  Thankfully, they were easy to use.  Overall, I had a good experience creating my web domain and social media accounts.

Multi-model introduction

I had fun playing around with all of the different types of themes.  What I like about creating my own blog is that I can customize it to fit my personality.  Overall, I find it easy to use and I learn new things about it everyday.

Visuals of Storytelling

Photo Safari

Photo Reflection

Photo Safari Reflection

Daily Creates:

1. Summarize a Film You’ve Never Seen (this daily create didn’t have any tags other then daily create)

2. TDC1228

3. TDC1232


1. VisualAssignment1674

2. VisualAssignment190

3. VisualAssignment1499

4. VisualAssignment704

5. VisualAssignment339

Visual Storytelling Reflection:

After this week, I feel more comfortable with Visual Storytelling than I did before starting this course.  I’ve learned a lot; from creating my own blog to photo shopping pictures.  It was definitely challenging because I am new to picture and video editing.  I had to google and watch many different video tutorials on how to do some of the assignments but in the end, it was all worth it.

I think I completed these assignments to the best of my ability.  It took a lot of time and effort but I am satisfied with my work.  I had trouble with Saturday’s daily create.  It was to make a video for Sandy Jensen saying happy birthday and changing the background of the video to something I think is “dreamy.”  I tried so many different types of video editing software and nothing seemed to work.  I ended up asking for help in the discussion board on Canvas.  Someone did answer my question but I didn’t see it until today which was too late.  I got so frustrated with it, I ended up skipping it and waited to do my last daily create today (which I know is bad waiting for the last minute).  However, I really enjoyed the assignment where I got to Photoshop the faces of my cousin and her 3 year old daughter.  I thought it was really amusing seeing my cousin’s head on her daughter’s body and vice-versa.  If I were to do this week differently, I would have done a few daily creates earlier in the week instead of waiting until the last minute.  I think what I have to get use to is managing my time wisely.  I spent most of my time googling and watching video tutorials.  I think if i learn to google the right thing, it would be more helpful to me in the long run.

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