Week Four – Completed

This week, we focused on videos.  I really enjoyed this week’s assignments but I found them really time consuming.  I learned about the different aspects to making a good movie this week and I feel like there is still so much more to learn.

I think I had the most fun doing this week’s assignments.  For me, I think the best part was being able to watch clips of my favorite actress, Jennifer Aniston, in some of my favorite movies.  Although, as much fun as I had doing these assignments, they were VERY time consuming.  One of the assignments I did, VideoAssignments1485, I had to create a highlight reel for my favorite actress.  As part of the assignment, had to trim each video I added to the reel.  Sometimes, I would trim too much and had to start over; deleting what I had just worked on and uploading the clip, again, to Movie Maker.  This shows that movie editors are very detailed oriented.

To me, the hardest part of these assignments was reading How to Read Movies.  I found the content dry until I read about the different camera angles and what it means when the camera veers left, right, up or down.  That, I found interesting.  I had no idea it had a specific meaning.

I had some trouble with creating my assignment tutorial this week.  I finished creating the tutorial last week but it didn’t show up under the tutorial section of the assignment.  I decided to create a new tutorial.  Again, I had the same issue but I checked again a day later and found that it showed up where it was suppose to be – thank goodness.

Before submitting this weekly summary, I went back and added an explanation to the VideoAssignments1485 assignment.  I had added the clips I used for the highlight reel of my favorite actress, but didn’t put why I chose them.  If I were to do something differently, I would have added more embarrassing pictures of my friend in the VideoAssignment1469; special person montage.  I know she wouldn’t have liked it but I think it would have been funny.

After this week, I have a greater appreciation for directors and movie editors.  I originally thought their jobs could be done by anyone who knew the slightest bit about movies.  Now, I applaud them for their skill and creativity.  I don’t think enough credit is given to directors and movie editors for their hard work.  Mostly, awards and honors are given to the actors or actresses in front of the screen.  I think if society acknowledged the work of directors and film editors, there would be a bigger appreciation for them.

I created an assignment earlier this week.  How do I know that you’ve received it?  I have attached my example for my assignment below, under Assignment.

Reading Movies

Look, Listen, Analyze

Video Assignments:

1. VideoAssignments1469 (worth 5 stars)

2. VideoAssignments1485 (worth 3 stars)

Assignment Tutorial


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