This Assignment is Suspect

For this assignment (worth 3 stars), we were asked to create a suspect board to show interactions between characters.

I decided to create a suspect board for the show FRIENDS because it is one of my favorite TV shows and thought it would be interesting to incorporate a comedy into a mystery.  I based my suspect board on an episode called “The One Where the Monkey Gets Away.” In this episode, Rachel “monkey”sits Marcel but takes a phone call and leaves the door to the apartment open.  Marcel uses the opportunity to leave Rachel.

To do this, I google searched cork boards and pasted it into Word.  I then used google images of the characters and of the evidence and pasted it into text boxes.  I rearranged them to fit in the cork board image.  I added lines connecting the “victim” to the characters and evidence.  I also added updates to the suspense board to give it a story line.

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