Sara Ludy

Sara Ludy is an artist and musician whose work explores the merging or combining of virtual and physical worlds. Her work comes from a variety of different forms including photography, video, gifs, sound and much more. She has a BFA in New Media from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is a memeber of the online art collective Computers Club, WALLPAPERS and the band Tremblexy. Her work can be found in exhibits all over the world such as Toronto, Ontario, Brooklyn, New York, Vancouver, British Columbia and Boulder, Colorado.

Ludy’s works are mostly deal with psycological and political dimensions. She is influenced by the landscapes, music and home selections of Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Ross/Kohls and 3D model makers.

Dream House is one of Ludy’s famous pieces. The video explores different parts of the virtual house. I expected there to be some music in the background. However, it was the faint sound of static. I was disappointed by this piece because this isn’t what I consider a “dream house.” Instead, this is a futuristic house. I feel like if I were to walk into this house, I would feel cold and there would be a slight breeze. Not one of my favorite pieces.

Although this piece is mostly centered on the background, I really find it soothing. At first, I didn’t notice the two dogs but it looks like their ears are morphed into the background as well. I can watch this for hours after a long, hard day to calm me down.

I thought this was an interesting piece. I wasn’t a big fan of the strobe lighting but it forced me to look beyond that and deeper into the video. Although the video is called “Body Wave,” there were a lot of scenery and landscapes in the background which confused me. This piece is a lot different than Ludy’s other works but left me more confused than I thought.


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