Rashaad Newsome

Rashaad Newsome is a video, collage, sculpture, music, computer programming and performance artist. He is best known for his collages placed in intricate/antique frames. He was won awards from 2004 through 2014 for his work. His work can be found in the Marlborough Gallery in New York City. Newsome also gives lectures around the United States and Europe.

His work shows how images media and popular culture communicate distorted notions of power. His work aims to break the trend or belief that certain things have a set of characteristics that make them what they are. In his video pieces, in some, he films the dancers in his studio and records the choreography. Newsome manipulates the footage of the dance to become completely new choreography. The dancers then perform the new dance he choreographed.
Rashaadnewsome five 2010

This is a snapshot of Newsome’s Five 2010. There were multiple dancers that danced to live music all at once. Each dancer was filmed and their movements were charted to see how much they actually moved on the dance floor. It was interesting to see the chart because the yellow dancer seemed to dance in one area whereas the blue dancer rolled on the ground which showed a long blue line on the graph. This is one of my favorite pieces because each instrument represented each dancer and while they were dancing, there was a singer that sung throughout the piece.

Rashaad Newsome collage

This piece kind of confused me because the subject looks like it is praying but at the same time, it has a scared look on its face. The eyes remind me of goggles and the hands are quite masculine. I liked that the earring is on the outside of the person’s hair, rather than covered or absent.

I like that Newsome adds dancers to his work. To me, it makes the piece become more alive and more interesting to look at/watch. I think the flashiness of the spinning circles catches your eyes and the music draws you in.





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