Jane Archer and Kristen Green

I really liked the talk with Kristen Green and Jane Archer about the process of creating and publishing the Kristen’s book, Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County.

Jane and Kristen were close friends from UMW about 25 years ago and have stayed close ever since. Jane found her love of illustrating from her time here at UMW. She was social chair of Ball Hall and made fliers for mixers and events that they had, and would photocopy them and hang them around the hall and other places on campus.

To get into the art design industry, after graduation, she moved to New York and started in a marketing position. She was able to work with the art design department and later on, moved became a manager in that department. About 10 years ago, she decided to become a freelance art designer-although her list of clientele is shorter than before, she likes it more and her they keep coming back.

Something I found really interesting about the talk was that Kristen and Jane didn’t discuss the cover of the book until towards the end of the process. I thought as an author, she would be interested in what the cover of her first book would look like. I get that she trusted Jane in her vision of the book, but I didn’t realize that there were so many people and approvals the cover had to go through.

Overall, I really liked the talk and am excited to read the book.

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