Design Blitz

For this assignment, we were given the task to take our understanding of design and find pictures to illustrate at least four out ten of the following concepts; color, typography, metaphors/symbols, minimalism/use of space, form/function/message, balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance, and unity.

1.  This picture was taken this past semester before a severe thunderstorm.  The sunset shows different colors that draw attention to the sky.  In addition, the lamp lights glare shows the approaching darkness in the sky.  I thought this picture would portray the concept of “color.”


2.  This picture was taken on a football (soccer) pitch in Blackburn, England.  I think it represents the concept of minimalism because of how much of the picture is advertising for the Blackburn Rovers.  The logo isn’t very complex yet the message that comes across is clear.


3.  This is a picture of the Tennis Center on a clear day.  I think the picture represents the concept of proportion because the courts, benches, umpire chairs, and lights are symmetrical to each other.


4.  This picture was taken in the Outer Banks, NC a few years ago.  I think the picture portrays the concept of dominance because the sunset becomes the main focus of the picture.  The sun is where the eye focuses on first when looking at the photo.


5.  This picture was taken in front of the Parliament building in Ottawa, Canada during the changing of the guards.  I think this picture perfectly represents the concept of unity because the guards’ duties are to protect the citizens and the members of parliament of Canada.  The Parliament building is where legislation is passed and where the most important Canadian leaders spend most of their time.



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