Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay is a visual and multimedia artist and composer. His work explores the combination of fine art and music by turning them into sculptures and images. He is known as the pioneer of using gramophones and turntables to create sound collages. Marclay’s work has appeared in art galleries around in the world including the Whitney Museum of American Art New York, Venice Biennale, and Centre Pompidou Paris.

Marclay is influenced by Yoko Ono, John Cage and Vito Acconci. Using his influences, Marclay explores his fascination around making and collecting music. Over time, Marclay’s work has ranged from simple pieces to more technology and music-based.

Marclay’s piece, Surround Sounds, had four synchronized projections on simultaneously. What I really liked about this piece is that for every word that appears, the word moved in a way that reflects what was shown on the screen.

Marclay’s piece, Record without a Cover, sounds like rain on the window. It gradually becomes more intense but it sounds more soothing than I expected. As the piece continues, music is added to the background. It sounded like a proper music piece but as it kept playing, the music became more like instruments banging and clashing. Towards the end, I found it to be just noise.

I really liked this piece and how in each segment of different films and movies, that the time 12:05 appeared. I also liked that there wasn’t any music added to the background of the video.


Christian Marclay


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