Chris Milk

Chris Milk is an American entrepreneur, innovator, director, photographer and immersive artist based in LA. He is the founder and CEO of Within (formally known as Vrse), a virtual reality technology company founder and creative director of Here Be Dragons (formally known as, a virtual reality production company. He is best known for directing music videos for top artists like Kanye West, U2, Johnny Cash, Courtney Love and many more. He has been nominated for multiple Grammys as well as MTV Moon Men and the UK MVA Innovation Award. In 2015, he had a TEDtalk on the power of virtual reality as a medium to advance humanity. He and his company Within have partnered with the United Nations, The New York Times, Nike, Vice News, NBC, Apple Music, U2 in addition to others to tell stories using virtual reality. Milk started his career with music videos and photography but now has focused his time towards virtual reality.

I liked this video because it had the effect like an old-timey video but with Terry Cruz. I would have never have thought it was a Nike ad from the content of the video. Overall, I liked how the video wasn’t too complex or overwhelming.

I really liked this video because it was from the man’s perspective of his life. I thought it was a great take on one’s life in just a few seconds. Although it was a short video, it tells a story.

I liked this video because, well, I like the old Kayne lol. But I thought it was a different take on how I imagined the song. I thought it was mostly Kanye and his ego. I liked that the video had a video collage in it as well as cameos from Pam Anderson and the drama that she brings.



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