Marco Brambilla

Marco Brambilla is an Italian-born and New York-based visual and installation artist who is known for his re-contextualizations of found imagery by employing new technology in his work. He pioneered the use of 3D technology in video art. Brambilla is a recipient of the Tiffany Comfort Foundation and Tiffany Colbert Foundation awards. He has created large scale videos installations for luxury brands. Brambilla’s work can be seen in galleries all over the world such as the Guggenheim Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, ARCO Foundation in Madrid, Spain, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Ontario, Canda, and the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

Brambilla and his work are influenced by Charles and Ray Eames’ film Powers of Ten. His works range from very complex to very simple. The most simple ones go back from the ’90s and the more recent ones are the intricate videos.

I really liked this video because as the camera is moving away, the parts on the spiral are continuously moving. Although some of the animations are weird and creepy, the colors really attracted me to the video. I also like the pop culture aspect the video shows.

I liked this video because of it’s simplicity but at the same time, I could see this as a gif instead. The moon is orbiting the sun while everything else is still. Towards the end, the moon is orbiting faster and the flag and the rover is disintegrating. I can see it as a time lapse video but I didn’t see the necessity of the increase in speed towards the end.

I thought this video was interesting with the numbers rapidly counting down and up again. It gave a sense of time flashing by so fast and a sense of something big is going to happen. I liked that he took a NASA mission that was never released and put a spin on the operation. I really liked the end of the video where the rocket was launching into the air and the video captures the fire and flames coming from the end of it.



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