The Vignelli Canon

After reading The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli, I had a different perspective about design and my approach to creating my design assignments.  The purpose of Vignelli’s book was to share knowledge about design, to benefit others.  While reading The Vignelli Canon, some of what he said stood out to me.  For example, he said that “attention to detail requires discipline.”  I agree with his statement because it takes time and effort to create something beautiful and the smallest detail, if not payed attention to, could result in something you don’t like.  In addition, Vignelli thinks that “too much identity generates perceptive redundancy and lack of retention.”  There has to be a balance between the design and its surroundings – one of the ten concepts we used for our Design Blitz.  I have noticed this in art work I have seen in real life.  To me, the art that is busy and loud, I don’t retain as much as the art that is subtle and speaks to me.

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