Day 7

Last day of the Challenge!!!

Normally on Sundays, I’d go to Starbucks and do some homework there. I’d order a cup of coffee and a pastry to get my study session going. The cup of coffee goes for about $2 and a pastry can range from $2.50-$5. It’s amazing how much money I would have spent today if it weren’t for this Challenge!

I’m making my last meal of the Challenge and right after I added my chicken to the pan, the smoke alarm goes off!! I guess the pan was a little too hot to handle some chicken… But I’ve never set off the smoke alarm before even when the garlic bread caught on fire last year or when my cookies got a little too crisp!

I brought a chair and used the cutting board to fan the smoke away from the alarm. When I thought I was in the clear, I started cooking again and right when I started tossing the chicken in the pan, the alarm went off again! I quickly ran to the door and opened it for some air and again, started to wave the cutting board that I left on the chair (it’s like I knew it was going to happen again).

I ended up finishing making my dinner in one piece and nothing was burnt! I guess the chicken didn’t like me very much.

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