Day 6

How is it that I’m always surrounded by friends and food??

While hanging out at the softball game, a couple of my friends that intern with the Athletic Department asked if I wanted to grab lunch. I said I would go but wouldn’t eat anything. So, we went to Qdoba and I watched my friends eat…again.

I feel like it’s getting easier declining food and being around people surrounded by it.

I had to refill a prescription that only lasts a month but without insurance, it would have cost $32.39. If I hadn’t had insurance, it would have cost more than a week’s worth of groceries!

For those on SNAP, they are likely to not have insurance either. Like we talked about in class, people can’t choose to have allergies. Meaning if they have them, it’s costly to get rid of or maintain them.

According to the article, SNAP does not cover vitamins or medication. But it does cover food and seeds to grow food (interesting). If it weren’t for my parents, I would not be able to afford my medication without insurance.

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