Day 4

WOOOOOOW what a day!!!!

Not only did I cry TWICE today, but once over not being able to have a margarita!!!!

I wasn’t feeling well in class and had to step out for some air. I was beyond exhausted where I was tearing up at the thought of food (embarrassing). After class, I walked out with Mac and was telling her about wanting to cry in class until I actually started crying in the middle of campus about not being able to get margaritas!!!! I’m sure it stemmed from being so tired but the fact that we were talking about drinking and then I started crying about not being able to is humiliating.

On the walk home after my “episode”, I called my mom to tell her my embarrassing story and she started to laugh at me and asked if I was an alcoholic!!! (Just to set the record straight, I’m not.) But I was upset that she said it was all in my head and then the water works started to flow again. So I challenged her to do it too and of course she said she could. After talking for another half an hour, she realized I was actually upset and emotionally unstable so she calmed me down with some encouraging words (how can mom’s just flip flop like that? ugh).

Right as I finish my conversation with my mom, one of my roommates walks in with Chipotle!!!! 

20170223_195014165_iOSLook at that face! She knows it’s killing me on the inside too!!! Even now, I can just taste the rice with that hint of lime and the corn ears’ cool taste…. UGH.

Gotta love social media!!! Everyone in my close group of friends know about the SNAP Challenge yet, will always start the conversation with “Do you want to go to…” and before they finish, they realize where ever they want to go to, I can’t go. So with that being said, my friends go out to get margaritas of all things without me! I’m not sure whether to be grateful they didn’t ask me to tag along, or sad that they went without me. The struggle is real!

This Livestrong article talks about different reasons the body can be tired due to not eating enough. I knew I was eating enough but didn’t get the nutrients I normally do from my food. What resonated with me the most in the article was the ‘Initial Fatigue’ section. It said that the body can’t function when it is low on glucose, which is easily found in carbohydrates. It’s also difficult to concentrate, which I found while reading for my classes.

Basically, my day comprised of crying about margaritas, watching my roommate eat, and more crying about margaritas. Wonderful.

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