Day 3

My body is full out of wack! I think it’s now starting to adjust to eating bland food. But I really do crave the girl scout cookies that are hiding in my room (out of sight, out of mind right?).

However, exhaustion is really getting the best of me this week. I am constantly tired that I don’t want to do anything other than sleep. I even wanted to skip going to a play that I paid for.

I had an early dinner (my roommate calls it my seniors citizen’s dinner) around 4pm before going to see Steel Magnolias and knew I would be hungry during it. Thinking ahead, I packed a couple of granola bars for the show. I was STARVING in the middle of it–thank goodness I packed two.

There are so many temptations while being on this Challenge. I feel like I’m turning down plans left and right. Just before the show started, the concessions had GIANT blocks of rice krispie treats and I was sooo tempted to buy one but resisted because I knew those actually on SNAP didn’t have that luxury.

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