Day 2

Well…it’s that time of the month again (insert sarcasm here) and perfect timing might I add!

Not only has it been tiring being on SNAP but also when my body likes to add on the exhaustion 10x.

Our discussion in class about the Challenge was really helpful. It was nice to know that other people are going through similar situations as we all struggle to see how those in poverty eat. It was also interesting that someone pointed out that our “hang out” constantly revolves around food. I’d never thought of that before and had looked back at the times my friends and I would grabbed food in between class or wanted to try a new restaurant while we were downtown. We never just do homework with each other but somehow tie food into every activity we do together.

While helping a friend search downtown for murals and statues for class, I mentioned that I’d always wanted to try The Bavarian Chef off of Lafayette. On our way home, she pulled into their parking lot and I told her I couldn’t eat there now but meant sometime in the future. Turns out I got her hopes up and just to spite me, she ordered tacos from our favorite place, Soup and Taco, on the best day of the week, TACO TUESDAY!


This was my homemade chicken fried rice compared to her two steak tacos with beans and rice…

She pointed out that her tacos were only $6.50 and I told her it was more than what I was allotted a day!

With all of the aches and pains and constantly feeling tired, day 2 is complete.

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