Day 1

I was so excited going into the SNAP Challenge but last night, I could NOT fall asleep which is always a great way start to the week…

In the morning, before class, I normally make myself a cup of coffee and drink it in class. However, I didn’t allot it in my budget (still deciding if it was the right decision). Surprisingly, I didn’t need it! But after going to class, finishing some homework and making lunch, 3 o’clock came around and somehow I ended up in a slump. On a normal day, I would have made myself a cup of coffee to keep myself going, but today, I decided to go on a run around Downtown. However, the energy quickly dwindled away after an hour. It wasn’t until I made dinner when I started to feel more energized (I eat while I cook 🙂 ).

I knew food and nutrition were vital to brain function but didn’t think I would be affected at all even though I wasn’t hungry. I started to get irritable and annoyed at the noises and sounds my roommate made while cleaning her room. Basically, I was HANGRY.

One thing that I noticed was I drank a lot more water than I normally do. I drank about 72 ounces and on a normal day, I would drink a maximum of 32. The water definitely made me full a lot longer so I didn’t think about food; which really helps when you’re hungry.

Well, I know I’m going to bed early tonight to, hopefully, not be as exhausted as I was today.

This article from Harvard Medical School talks about how food can affect brain function and also your mood. It explains that high-quality foods that contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants helps nourish the brain. It is hard for those on SNAP to get foods with all of the nutrients they need for healthy brain function with the limited amount of money they are given.

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