Poppy’s Road to Becoming an Olympian

One day, Poppy didn’t feel well at school and came home early.  Her mom thought showing her a video of a friend’s daughter ice skating, would make her feel better.

Poppy was amazed! She couldn’t believe someone her age could ice skate like that.  Her favorite part was when the girl fell and got right back up to finish her performance.  It was then, Poppy knew she wanted to be an ice skater too.

As Poppy watched the video over and over, she drifted off into a dream of becoming not only an ice skater, but an Olympian.

peppa sleeping

When she woke up, her mom had already arranged for ice skating lessons at the local ice rink.  Poppy was beyond excited.

When they arrived at the rink, Poppy was dressed up and ready to go.  With the help of her mom, she put on her skates for the very first time.  She, then, wobbled her way onto the ice towards her coach.  Her coach must have been surprised to see her because her mouth dropped.  Her coach had never seen a pig on the ice before.  She gave Poppy a long sigh and said, “dear, I think we have a problem.  You’re a pig, and pigs can’t skate.  I think it’s best if you got off the ice now before you hurt yourself.”  Poppy did as she was told and got off the ice.  She made her way towards her mom weeping.

Her mom said softly,

Poppy gave her mom a hug and they went home.

The next day, Poppy showed up to the ice rink determined to skate.  When her coach saw her again, she was surprised.  “I didn’t expect to see you again so soon, Poppy,” said her coach.  “Well coach, I am here to convince you that I am serious in becoming the next Olympic ice skater,” Poppy announced.  She pulled out a video she made of her favorite ice skaters, at the Olympics, and showed them to her coach.

“I know I can be at the Olympics one day if you give me the chance,” Poppy pleaded.  Seeing Poppy’s determination and desire, her coach agreed to teach her.  “Okay, this means you have to practice everyday at 5 am before school, eat healthy, exercise regularly and be focused on achieving your goal.  Can you do that?” her coach asked.  Poppy immediately responded with joy, “of course I can!”  “Alright then.  You will compete in your first competition in a year,” her coach said.  “I’m ready for it, coach,” Poppy exclaimed.

A year later, it was Poppy’s first competition.  She was so nervous, she was shaking, but she knew she had to do this in order to achieve her dream of becoming an Olympian.  She got on the ice and the music started.  Poppy became so nervous, she began falling and crashing into people.

peppa falling

By the time she had realized what happened, her music had ended.  She got off the ice and ran straight to her mom.

A few minutes later,  the results of the competition came up.  It turned out, Poppy came in last place.  Surprisingly, she didn’t mind at all.  She said to her mom, “I guess ice skating isn’t for everyone.  But I think swimming is my calling.”

That night, Poppy fell fast asleep and dreamt of becoming an Olympian, just like Michael Phelps.

peppa dreaming


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