Poppy’s New Dream

For this picture, I created Poppy’s newest Olympic dream.  To do that, I Googled a picture of Michael Phelps; Poppy’s favorite swimmer.


To create the picture of her dreaming, I decided to reuse the picture from the ice skating Olympic dream.  I thought, because I was going for the same idea, it would be better if I just reused it.  peppa sleeping


In Paint, I pasted the picture shown above with the picture of Michael Phelps to the side.  To create a circle around Michael’s picture, I used the Circle button, under Shapes in the Home tab.  I also used the Free Hand Selection, under Select on the Home tab, to cut out the extra bits of the picture.  I had accidentally left some parts of the blue on the outside of the circle so I used the erase tool and chose the color white, to make the circle neater.  I then dragged my picture of Michael over the picture of Poppy ice skating.  The picture took away one of the dream circles but I think it still looks good.

peppa dreaming

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