Mom and Poppy Convo

For this recording, I made it a conversation between my character, Poppy, and her mom.  It thought the readers of my story would like to compare what they imagined Poppy’s voice would sound like to what she actually sounds like.

To do this assignment, I googled inspirational quotes about sports.  I wanted to use a famous quote that inspired athletes across the world.  I came across this site and saw the first quote by Vince Lombardi.  I immediately knew, that was the quote I was going to use; it very was inspirational and he was one of the most iconic football coaches of all time.

I wrote a script between Poppy and her mom using the inspirational quote and it made the script ten times better.

I recorded the conversation directly into SoundCloud by selecting the upload button and it gave me the option of choosing a file to upload or starting a new recording; and I chose to start a new recording.  I gave SoundCloud permission to use the microphone on my computer and pressed the record button to start recording my quote.  When I finished the recording, a pop up appeared and asked me what I wanted to name the file.  I then typed in what I wanted to call my conversation.  Then, I clicked on one of the main tabs on the pop up, called Permission, where I clicked the third button which allowed people to download my recording.  I was then able to download my own recording and upload it to Audacity, to get rid of the background noise.

In Audacity, I imported my recording under the file, import button.  I selected the part of the recording that I wanted to get rid of – the background noise; I went to effect, and selected Noise Reduction.  A pop up appeared and with steps.  The first step was to select the noise that I wanted to get rid of.  Next, to select the entire recording and go back to the Noise Reduction button and press okay.  The configuration took a couple of seconds before the background noise was taken out of my audio.

Here is the original recording:

Here is the improved recording:

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