Ice Skating Video

This is a home video of me at an ice skating competition back in 2007.  I wanted to add it to my final project because I thought it would fit the story line perfectly.

Originally, the video was on a DVD which I imported into my computer.  I wanted to add it to Windows Movie Maker to add a Title page, Credits page and cut out the other skaters.  Unfortunately, because the video was on a DVD, I had to convert it to become compatible with Movie Maker.

To do that, I googled dvd to mp4 converter.  I found a lot of options but decided to download a trial version of the Movavi Video Converter.  But because it was a trial version, it only converted half of my video; which was originally 7.5 minutes long.  So then, I decided to try the WinX Free Converter.  I was skeptical at first because of the last converter I downloaded, failed on me but everything worked out perfectly.

After downloading the converter, a screen popped up.  To add the video, I selected +Video and My Folders appeared.  I selected my video and it opened up in the converter.  I then selected convert and it gave me the option of where I wanted to convert the file to and I chose my computer.  Then, I selected Run.  When it was finished converting, I opened it up in Windows Movie Maker.

To add my video, I selected the Add Videos and Photos on the Home tab.  It took a couple of minutes before the video was fully uploaded.  I then cut the video short by selecting where I wanted the video to start and selected the Set Start Point button under the Edit tab.  I did the same thing for where I wanted the video to end and selected the Set End Point under the Edit tab.  In addition, I added animations between the Title page and the Credits page.  To do that, under the Animations tab, I selected the animation on the far right.

To make the video not sound as abrupt, I made the video fade in and out.  To do that, I selected the drop down arrow next to Fade In and selected Medium.  I did the same thing for Fade Out.

Here is the finished video:

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