Favorite Ice Skaters Reel

This Favorite Ice Skaters reel was inspired by this assignment.  Instead of making it about my favorite actor/actress, I made it about my favorite ice skaters.  I thought it would go perfectly with the story line of my final project.

To make this montage, I found videos on YouTube and opened up the YouTube Converter.  For this converter, all I had to do was find the video on YouTube, copy the URL and paste it into the website’s converter bar and click Catch!.  It then lead me to a new page that gave me the option to choose what I wanted to convert the video to.  Every time, I chose MP4.  The video would automatically download to my computer and all I had to do, was select the Add Video or Photo button in Windows Movie Maker and it would appear.  I did this for every video I added into the montage.

In Windows Movie Maker, I added a Title page at the beginning and one before every video.  In addition, I also added a Credits Page at the end.  To create the Title page, I selected the Title button on the Home Tab and added in my text.  I did this for each Title Page.  To create the Credits page, I selected the Credits drop down arrow and selected Credits.  I then added in my text.

While creating the reel, the videos I selected had parts that were unnecessary to the video; such as announcer commentary.   So, I decided to cut them out of the reel completely.  To do that, I selected where I wanted the clip to start and selected the Set Start Point button under the Edit tab.  I did the same thing for where I wanted the clip to end and selected the Set End Point under the Edit tab.  In addition, I added animations between each of the clips.  To do that, under the Animations tab, I selected the animation on the far right for each one.

For each video, it had its own audio.  To make the reel sound smooth, I decided to use the fade in and out button.  To do that, I clicked on the video and selected the Edit tab.  Then, I used the drop down arrow to change the Fade In option to medium.  I did the same thing for the Fade Out option and did that for all of the videos I added.

I chose these skaters because they represent what I aspire to be.  I’ve mentioned before that I was a competitive figure skater but never had as much discipline as they had to make it as far as the Olympics.  They had perseverance and drive; I will forever admire them.  I’ve learned so many lessons from figure skating such as hard work pays off.  To me, these are the best figure skaters in the world.

Here is my video. Enjoy!

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