Dreaming Little Piggy

I decided to create this picture because I thought it would give the reader a deeper understanding of my character, Poppy the Pig.  This picture was inspired by the Spubble assignment we did earlier in the semester.

For this picture, I used Paint to create it.  I started out by finding a picture of Peppa Pig sleeping in Google.  It turns out Peppa doesn’t sleep…although, she does laugh while on the ground.  So, I decided to use this picture to show her sleeping.

I pasted the picture in Paint and with the Rectangular Selection, I cut out Peppa from the picture.  I moved her out of the way of the original picture so I could delete it; since it was no longer needed.

To make the picture of the dream, I took a screen shot of a scene from a video of Peppa Pig ice skating.  To do that, I used the Gyazo screen capture icon on the bar at the bottom of my screen.  I downloaded Gyazo earlier in the semester and it has been very helpful.

Then, I used the iPhone app, Photo Notes, to add the text to the picture.  To do that, I uploaded the picture to the app and selected the text icon.  I then chose the Outline Text option.  I edited the text by selecting the icon with the T and pencil and typed in my quote.  I saved my picture and uploaded it to Paint.



peppa olympics


I added a circle around the picture and used the Free Hand Selection, under Select on the Home tab, to cut out the extra bits of the picture.  I had accidentally left some parts of the blue on the outside of the circle so I used the erase tool and chose the color white, to make the circle neater.

I then used the circle again to create dots from the circle, leading to Poppy’s head; as if she were dreaming.

peppa sleeping

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