Throwback Thursday

Today’s Daily Create asked us to create a poem based off of a memory.

I decided to scroll through my personal timeline on Twitter to jog my memory of events and thoughts I had.  I stumbled across this tweet; it’s simpe but very meaningful.

When I say skating, I mean figure skating.  I use to be a competitive figure skater for ten years.  When I tweeted this tweet, I had stopped skating for a couple of years and had just gone to the rink for.  It reminds me of my last competition and I can remember it like it was just yesterday.

Nerves took over my body.

But I knew I was  ready.


Finally, my turn to take the ice.

The warm welcome from the crowd felt nice.


The music started and everything was a blur.

Spinning here, jumping there; that’s all I heard.


Cheering from the stands.

High-fiving from hand to hand.


I knew I did it.

And my face showed it.


South Atlantic Regionals

October 2009


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