Meet Franny

For today’s daily create, we were asked to make a video of how we get around everyday.  I live in the suburbs of DC so a car (mine is named Franny) is a must.

To do this daily create, I took a video on my phone and uploaded it to Windows Movie Maker.  I then went to edit and under video stabilization, selected anti-shake-high.  Next, I added text by selecting caption on the Home tab.  I clicked on where I wanted the text to start and I played around with the times for the text duration before I settled on four seconds.  I also changed the text color, which was originally white, to black using the text color button.  I then added music to the video.  I selected the add music option and a website popped up with free music.  I selected the one I wanted, String Jam by Cory Gray.  It’s a happy song and something you can listen to while strolling in a park.  I faded the music in and out on medium speed, saved it and uploaded it to YouTube.

I hope you enjoy it!


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