Countries with the most Australians

For this daily create, we were asked to create a map that describes nothing.

I chose to do something that was completely obvious.  I thought about doing something with sports, like in the example, or something to do with the countries themselves.  I ended up choosing to highlight Australia because I’ve always thought it was an interesting country and have always wanted to visit it.  So in honor of my desire to visit Australia, I decided to make it the main focus of my map.

I thought about different things Australians did such as playing cricket and rugby.  But I knew England, New Zealand, and India played those as well so I didn’t want to choose anything that could be mistaken for another country.  I decided to stick with something so obvious and can only relate to only Australia which is Countries with the most Australians.

To do this, I google searched world map and came across this picture.  I pasted it in Paint and used the paint option to color in Australia in red.  I then added a text box, with a transparent background, to add in my text.

countries with most australians


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