Circle in a Circle

For this daily create, we were asked to draw a circle and draw something expanding on it.

To do that, I google searched modern art and looked for something resembling a circle, when I came across this.

I saved it and opened up word.  I created a circle by selecting the oval button, in shapes, and dragging it out.  I then selected shape fill in the Format tab and selected Picture.  My Pictures folder popped up and I selected the above picture to fill in the circle.  I then selected the circle, copied it, and pasted it into paint.  Then, I was able to save it as a picture.

circle in a circle

I decided to use the above picture because I thought it was appealing to the eye and worked perfectly with the prompt.  The focus of the picture starts out in the middle of the circle and slowly, the colors spreads towards the edges of the circle.  I find the slow changes in color really beautiful.


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