Brides Throwing Cats

I found today’s daily create interesting, to say the least…  I have never heard of Brides Throwing Cats before and I do have to say, it’s very entertaining.  The reactions of the women catching the “cat” is amusing.

To do this, I google searched “brides throwing bouquets” and scrolled through until I found at least of the catcher’s faces to be really into catching the bouquet.  I came across this one and found it hilarious.  The lady in the middle, squatting looks so desperate to catch the bouquet and the one to her right, looks so determined.

Surprisingly, there were already pictures with cats edited in them, replacing the bouquet already.  I wanted to be original and decided to make my own instead.

So, I googled “cats on back” and came across this picture of this adorable kitten.  I’m not much of a cat person but this kitten just melted my heart.

I then pasted both pictures in Paint.  I cut out the kitten using the free-form selection and moved it to cover the bouquet.

And this is the final product.

catch the cat


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2 thoughts on “Brides Throwing Cats

  1. Nice work! This one I found to actually be so bizarre but so fun! I had never heard of that site either until today, but I did this daily create as well! I also used paint and found it difficult to get the sizes how I wanted and such.

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