Where Did Marcel Go?

friends cork board

To start our investigation, we have made a suspect board with our evidence and suspects.  We have determined four suspects; Ross – Marcel’s owner, Rachel – Ross’ girlfriend, Chandler, Ross’ college roommate and lives across from the crime scene, and Joey – Ross’ friend who lives with Chandler.  At the crime scene, we discovered that the front door was open with a banana peel outside of it.

Update – 5/28/2015 08:36

Fingerprints were found on the banana peel.  They were run through a fingerprint finder through the FBI database but there was not a match.

Update – 5/28/2015 10:18

Monkey footprints found by the fire escape at the crime scene.  We believe Marcel might have used the fire escape to run away.

Update – 5/27/2015 12:52

Chandler stated that he last saw Marcel running the halls of the apartment building at 12:25.

Update – 5/28/2015 14:30

Marcel has been found.  Joey borrowed him to use as an acting partner.  No charges have been filed.

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