What a Crappy Font Will Do

ikea old and new

I chose this assignment (worth two stars) because I thought it would be interesting how different fonts affect a brand’s logo.  I thought IKEA’s font would be good to change because it is very bold and stiff.

To change the font, I google searched IKEA logo in images and chose the top picture.  I saved it and opened it in Microsoft Word as a reference.  For the blue background, I created a text box and filled it.  I went through a few different blues before I settled on this one.  I then made a yellow oval by selected the oval shape under the shape button and filled it yellow.  I then typed in ‘IKEA’ in a new text box that I filled the same color yellow as the oval.  I changed the lettering to make it the same as the blue background.  Then it was time to mess with the fonts (my favorite part).  I went through the entire list of fonts available in word before settling on Mistral in bold.

I changed the letters to Mistral because it is the opposite of the current letters of IKEA; which is Veranda.  Mistral makes the letters thin and compact whereas Veranda makes the letters big and bold.


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