Text Impersonations

For this assignment (worth 2 stars), we were asked to take a group message, with multiple people, and impersonate them to create an audio version of the conversation.

I decided to choose this assignment because when I was scrolling through the assignment bank, I came across this assignment and smiled.  I knew immediately, I had to do this assignment.  This was the perfect way to incorporate my friends into my course work and it’s something we can all laugh at.  My friends and I can be very dramatic and it’s funny looking back to see what we talked about.

This was one of our conversations:

My friends and I have a group iMessage.  One of my friends is currently in  Florence, Italy studying abroad.  She wanted our advice/vent to us about her frustrations with a lady who would not let her take her cab back to her apartment.

I shared this with my friends and they thought it was hilarious.

The original message:


To record the audio file, first recorded it straight into SoundCloud.  Professor Polack suggested I upload it into Audacity to get rid of the background noise.  To do that, used this link.  Downloaded your recording from SoundCloud and saved it to your computer.  Open Audacity and imported it.  Then, listen to the part of the recording that needs to be taken out (for example, the fan noise from your computer) and highlight that section of the recording.  Go to effect and click on the noise reduction button.  A pop up will appear telling you that step one is to select the part of the recording that sounds similar to what you want to get rid of (which was done in the instructions above).  Then copy your entire recording and paste it below the original one.  Work on editing the copied recording by going back to the noise reduction option in effect, select the reduce button and then okay.  It will take a few seconds before the background noise of the copied recording goes away.

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