Princess Diaries Remixed

For this assignment (worth 3 stars), we were asked to use a quote from a movie and remix it to create a completely new story line.

When I was looking at assignments to do, I came across this one and it caught my eye immediately.  I saw the image of Buddy the Elf as the cover for the assignment and I knew it was going to be fun.  Elf is one of the most iconic movies of our generation and I was excited about this assignment before even knowing what it was going to ask us to do.

To be honest, I thought this assignment was going to be easy but I was quickly mistaken.  I went back and forth debating on what movie I should use.  I googled “most quoted movies” and a lot of good movies came up.  I wanted to do a movie that everyone was familiar with and had good quotes, so I chose Forrest Gump.  I created a remixed version of “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”  However, I looked back at the instructions and my recording didn’t follow the prompt.  I decided to scratch that recording and start fresh.  I couldn’t think of anything clever with Forrest Gump, so I decided to look for a new movie to quote.  I went back to google and searched for “teen movies from 2000” – those were the movies that I knew best.  I scrolled through a list from Buzzfeed and found the perfect movie – The Princess Diaries.  I don’t know how I didn’t think about using this one because it is one of my favorite movies of all time!  I went back to google and searched “princess diaries quotes” and found this site.  I scrolled through until I found a quote that stood out to me.  I wrote down the quote and thought, “what if I change it to make it seem like Mia was a bad person?”  Then a light bulb went off in my head, “Mia is going to dethrone the queen!”  I got really excited because I knew this was going to work.

To do this, I used SoundCloud to record my altered quote.  I selected the upload button and it gave me the option of choosing a file to upload or starting a new recording; and I chose to start a new recording.  I gave SoundCloud permission to use the microphone on my computer and pressed the record button to start recording my quote.  When I finished the recording, a pop up appeared and asked me what I wanted to name the file as well as if I wanted to add an image.  I then googled a picture of The Princess Diaries and uploaded it as the image for my recording.  I clicked on one of the main tabs on the pop up, called Permission, where I clicked the third button which allowed people to download my recording.  I was then able to download my own recording and upload it to Audacity, to get rid of the background noise.

In Audacity, I imported my recording under the file, import button.  I selected the part of the recording that I wanted to get rid of – the background noise; went to effect, and selected Noise Reduction.  A pop up appeared and with steps.  The first step was to select the noise that I wanted to get rid of.  Next, select the entire recording and go back to the Noise Reduction button and press okay.

Here is the original quote:

“Dear Diary, today is my first official day as Princess of Genovia. We’ll land in a few hours, and I’ll meet Parliament and the people before beginning my royal duties.”

-Mia Thermopolis

Original recording:

Improved recording:

My version:

“Dear Diary, today is my first official day as Princess of Genovia. We’ll land in a few hours, and I’ll meet Parliament and the people before I begin creating my plan to dethrone the queen.”

-Victoria Le


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3 thoughts on “Princess Diaries Remixed

  1. Give us some step by step on how you recorded this on soundcloud. I didn’t even know you could record on soundcloud. I just upload to soundcloud. I learned from you I could do it but it would be cool if you show me the steps of how I could actually record it. That would change this from an Developing blog post to accomplished or Exemplary.

  2. Your version of the Princess Diaries remixed would definitely be interesting to see, I enjoyed it! Good job!

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