Photo Safari Reflection

To do the Photo Safari, I decided to go to Target (I consider it my second home).  I thought Target would be a good place to do the Photo Safari because it has a wide variety of things there; from electronics to clothes to food, they have it all!

my favorite place of all time

When I started the safari, I thought it would be easy with all of the options Target has to offer, but it was much harder than I anticipated.  I decided to take my dad with me to keep me company but because Target is so big, I ended up running around the store and left him behind!  When I left him, I thought it would be a good idea to set a timer just to make sure I didn’t go over the fifteen minutes.  I knew that the fifteen minutes would go by in a breeze and I had to make use of as much time as I possibly could.

Unfortunately, I think Target won that round.  Not only was I running around to take pictures of things, but I also got distracted by the clothes and shoes that were on display.  I am not proud of it, but it’s true.

My timer went off and I realized I didn’t have many pictures!  I frantically called my dad to take a picture of his phone for proof and I realized I had a minute to spare!  I could have taken another couple of pictures in my extra time.

Out of the photos that I took, I think the metallic bracelet worked best for me because it’s very futuristic and the camera focuses in one it.  I think the most inventive picture I took was the one with all of the jeans.  I took that picture in a mirror so the picture was actually the reflection of all of the jeans and other clothes on the racks.  I like the angle of the picture and it also shows how big the store is by how long the row of lights lasts.


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