Parent-Child Face Swap

miki and fam face swap

Mom and Daughter Face Swap!

For this assignment (worth two stars), we were asked to swap the faces of a child and their parent.

I chose my cousin and her family’s latest family picture.  I thought it would be funny to see what it would look like to see my cousin and her daughter’s faces on each other’s bodies – and it is!

To do this, I used piZap to swap the faces.  I started out by uploading the original picture to the website and selecting the crop button.  It then asked me to select a picture I would like to use to crop and I chose the original photo.  I used the paintbrush option to highlight what I wanted cropped and it took me back to the original picture I selected at the beginning.  I then moved the cropped picture of my cousin onto my niece’s body and I did the same process for my niece onto my cousin’s body.

I really enjoyed this assignment and would do it again!


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