My Dream Vacation

If I could choose anywhere in the world to go to, I would choose Australia.  I’m an avid traveler and Australia is one of the places I am dying to visit.  One of the best parts about Australia is you don’t have to learn a new language (a definite plus)!  I have some family friends that have visited, shared some pictures of Australia and they are amazing.  If I were to go, I would visit the Great Barrier Reef, the iconic Sydney Opera House, the Australian Outback, and much, much more.

                                        The Great Barrier Reef

I think I would bring my close friends on my dream vacation.  They’re always a good time and I know they will be willing to explore the continent with me.  In addition, I would bring an underwater camera with me.  I wouldn’t want to swim with sea turtles and not capture an amazing experience like that.

After watching this video, I was hooked.  This is, hands down, my dream vacation.

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