Bar Code Ice Cream

For this assignment (worth 2.5 stars), we were asked to create a bar code in the shape of an object.

I chose a double scooped ice cream cone because it’s really hot outside and ice cream sounds amazing in this scorching summer heat (it’s really not THAT hot but who doesn’t like ice cream).

ice cream kid

To create the bar code ice cream, I googled ice cream silhouette and came up with this picture:

ice cream

I saved it to my computer and pasted it into Paint.  I created lines through the picture and made sure they were straight.  I right clicked on the originally black lines and inverted them to make them white.  It create the illusion that it was a bar code.

I went back to google to find bar code numbers and used this one:


I then cut and pasted the numbers under the ice cream cone to turn it into this:

barcode ice cream


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