3D Magazine Collage

For this assignment (worth 4 stars), we were asked to create either a 3D or 2D collage/sculpture that represents a common theme.

I chose this assignment because I thought it would be fun to make collages like I did back in the day.  I use to collage all of the time as a child.  It was nice to bring that side of me back again and especially if I could do it for a class.

To do this, I used cardboard, I cut up from a box, and taped it into a V with white duct tape.  I had just recently used the cardboard to paint a letter for my room.  The V was outlined in paint and I thought it would be a good idea to use it as my base for this project.


I used my old Seventeen Magazine subscriptions to make the collage.  My inspiration for it were the different styles of clothes women wear.  From athletic clothes to fancy skirts, there are so many types of clothes that make women happy.    IMG_0941


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